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PowerOne Get Started with PowerCloud Dedicated ServersPowerCloud Servers is PowerOne's high-availablility cloud service, designed to meet enterprise requirements for a high availability cloud services

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PowerCloud Dedicated Servers

PowerCloud takes the mystery out of the private cloud by offering easy to understand billing and comprehensive suite of industry leading features. Couple that together with enterprise grade security protection, high availability storage and redundant hardware, PowerCloud is the smart choice for dedicated servers in the cloud.




Enterprise Grade Security

PowerOne is the only provider in the market to provide security services as part of our standard service offerings. PowerOne segments your server data traffic to prevent prying eyes by offering IPSEC and SSLVPN connections for secure communications from end to end.

OS Agnostic

PowerCloud customers have access to a full range of operating systems. with PowerCloud you have the freedom to run different versions of Windows server as well as serveral variations of the Linux OS. Run a Linux cloud with the LAMP stack to hosting your website and a Windows server to run your applications. With PowerCloud you have the freedom of choice.

Anytime Anywhere Access

Stay Connected. Imagine being able to access corporate data, applications, services, and resources anytime, anywhere. That's the idea behind the Cloud - an efficient, flexible and cost-saving platform that many small and large enterprises are adopting to save money and improve day-to-day IT operations.