Security Assessment & Audits

Get Started with PowerOne Security AuditsThreats from the Internet are increasing at a staggering rate and data theft is reaching epidemic proportions. Protect yourself and your company before data theft occurs. With the PowerOne Security Assessment and Audit you can quickly identify and correct vulnerabilities before you cost you downtime or lost revenue.

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Assessment Modules

PowerOne offers a full range of Assessments and Audits. From Security Audits to HIPPA compliance, PowerOne can help your company get complaint with company mandates or government regulations.

PowerOne can provide the following Assessments and Audits:

  • Network Assessment: The most comprehensive assessment in the industry providing a full network anaylsis and asset report.

  • Security Assessment: A thorough anaylsis reporting your current risk with recommendations for mitigating those risks.

  • Microsoft Exchange Assessment: Offers a detailed report of your Exchange risk, traffic and use, mailbox permissions and details.

  • SQL Assessment: Reports on the security and health of SQL including detailed reports on utlization, fragments, and maintenance reporting.

  • HIPPA Compliance: Performs a full HIPPA audit providing a secure repository for data collection and automaticlly generates the offical doucments for maintaining HIPPA compliance.

Revenue Loss Mitigation

Data Theft and Network Attacks can cost a company thousands of dollars in lost revenue from downtime and IT resources and possibily open itself to millions of dollars lost in litigation. Protect your company now with a PowerOne Secuirty Assessment Audit!